Abby Larson

I attended Lehigh from August 2008-January 2012. I majored in History and minored in English and Classical studies. I declared my major early on and loved all the classes I took within the history department. I especially loved "America: Sinners, Witches, and Saints," "The French Revolution and Napoleon," and "The History of the Lehigh Valley." I presented a paper entitled: “An Analysis of the Roger Clap’s Memoirs in Relation to the Start of the Puritan Community of Dorchester" at the Phi Alpha Theta (PAT) Pennsylvania East Regional Conference in 2012 under the direction of Michelle LeMaster. I had such a great experience at Lehigh and believe that my classes allowed me to hone my ability to write, as well as my my communication and organizational skills. 

I have lived in Chicago for two years and work at The University of Chicago Medicine, in the Department of Surgery, as an Administrative Specialist. I manage the daily administrative needs on both an academic and clinical level for the surgeons and the clinical staff of the section. I prepare itineraries for faculty traveling engagements, organize section-hosted events, such as our annual fellowship interviews, and coordinate all meeting and surgery appointments for our five surgeons. I manage faculty credentialing, assist in designing clinical templates, and have acted as managing editor on several publication projects for my section chief. I am also the current Chair of the Department of Surgery’s Employee Engagement Committee, which is responsible for the department’s community involvement, as well as honoring staff with appreciation events and gifts.

Beyond my 8-5 job, I participate in lots of other endeavors as well. I am a brand ambassador for a yoga pant company called Buddha Pants, and write for their blog monthly. I also work for a yoga studio and practice 3 times a week. In addition, I have become an avid runner and have recently run the Chicago Spring Half Marathon.