Announcing the 2017 Campbell Research Prize

Two $1000 prizes, one for undergraduate and one for graduate, will be awarded to outstanding papers based on original research in the social sciences. The competitions are open to all Lehigh students and all work in social sciences, broadly conceived.  (Note that for this competition, "original research" means papers involving analysis of data collected from observation, surveys, experiments or archival sources, as opposed to papers based solely on secondary sources.)

Paper submission is electronic and relatively simple using the links on the Campbell Prize web page:


    Papers must be the work of a single individual.
    Specifically excluded are papers based on group projects, even if the paper is authored by an individual.
    Collaborative work with a faculty supervisor is not eligible.
    Papers should be article length – no more than 10,000 words (or about 50 pages of double-spaced type).
    Papers must be submitted by Friday, May 5, 2017.

Winning papers will be judged on the criteria that distinguished Don Campbell's own work

    The clarity and compelling character of the written presentation
    The quality and originality of the research design and analysis
    The appropriate use of social science methodology
    And, the focus on important societal issues.