Current Course Offerings

SPRING 2020 Course Offerings

HIST 005-010                     African Civilization


HIST 008-010

Technology In Modern America


HIST 022-010

Roman History


HIST 043-010

United States Since 1941


HIST 050-010

Modern Latin America


HIST 095-010

Empire,  War and Resistance Middle East


HIST 097-011

History of Rock and Roll


HIST 101-010

Histories Of Globalization


HIST 120-010

Revolutionary America


HIST 149-010

Narcos: The Global Drug Wars


HIST 195-011

Civil Rights Movmnt: An Americ

HIST 196-013

Coming to America: Global Migr


HIST 197-010

Women, Sexuality and Gender in US History


HIST 198-010

Modern Chinese Civilization


HIST 296-010

Women in Pre-Industrial China


HIST 298-010

Traditional Chinese Medicine


HIST 302-010

The Capstone Experience


HIST 315-010

American Environmental History


HIST 341-010

Global Africa


HIST 347-010

French Revolution & Napoleon