Elizabeth Sinclair

I was a history minor and International Relations major and graduated in 2015. To be honest, history was my least favorite subject growing up and I only took a history class my first semester because I needed another course in my schedule and had learned a decent amount of Roman history while studying Latin in high school. However, I continued taking history courses, as they were more interactive and less rote memorization than in high school. Additionally, I realized they paired very well with IR; to predict how countries will interact, it's extremely helpful to know their histories and study trends and patterns in how they have acted in the past, both domestically and internationally. I am currently a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps and will shortly be stationed in Okinawa, Japan. The Marine Corps puts a very big emphasis on history - both our own and that of other countries. Similarly to IR, which looks at how countries will act on a more diplomatic scale, entry level officer training looks at how a country's military will act in times of war. In order to accurately analyze present actions and predict the most likely outcome of a situation, you need to have a solid understanding of how actors have behaved in the past and why. My IR/History background has proven to be a great part of my success in the Marine Corps thus far.