Professor Barbara Zepeda-Cortes Featured in Lehigh Research Review

Dr. Barbara Zepeda Cortés has been featured in the most recent issue of the Lehigh Research Review! The article, "A Story of Power, Influence, and Madness," discusses her research on José de Gálvez, an eighteenth-century administrator for the Spanish Empire who rose to power amid harsh criticism and even a six-month period of madness. Zepeda Cortés was initially attracted to studying Gálvez as a graduate student at University of California, San Diego. She is now writing a book about him -- the most recent of which had been, until now, a paltry twelve pages published in 1916. 

When asked about writing the first-ever biography of Gálvez, Dr. Zepeda Cortés said, “Biographies, as my colleagues know, are typically a genre that is dominated by senior scholars, usually male, usually white. So I said, ‘Why don’t we change that?’ I challenge that dominance as a young scholar from Mexico wanting to talk about a white, staunch imperialist.” Gálvez died in office in 1787, and left a fascinating story for Professor Zepeda Cortés to uncover.

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