Professor Simon's Exhibit


To celebrate election day, Professor Roger Simon of the Lehigh University history department has agreed to exhibit his collection of campaign pins at Linderman Library. Says Professor Simon, “Artifacts make history real. I’m not a really serious collector of anything, but I’ve always been fascinated with things that reflect the times that produced them.”

Simon’s oldest piece is a McKinley and Hobart pin from 1912. The collection also includes buttons protesting a third term for FDR, buttons proclaiming Richard Nixon’s guilt in the Watergate scandal, a yellowed JFK campaign hat from the 1960 Democratic convention, and campaign materials from Teddy Roosevelt’s race in 1904.

“Collections like this bring the past into the present,” he says. “They make history come alive.” The exhibit will run through the end of November at Lehigh's Linderman library. See more about Simon’s collection here.