Scholarships, Assistantships, and Aid

Financial Awards and Deadlines

Teaching assistantships (TAs), research assistantships (RAs), graduate assistantships (GAs), fellowships and scholarships are academic awards made by the University, by individual academic departments, and by the Dean’s Office. Several graduate assistantships unrelated to a particular area of study can be obtained by applying to administrative offices. You may consider this listing of select Graduate Assistant positions. For more information, please visit the Lehigh University Financial Aid for Graduate Students page.

Generally, a special committee formed by departmental faculty makes recommendations for the recipients of these awards based on merit. Students are not required to submit a financial statement. In addition to their stipends, graduate students holding half-time TA appointments generally receive tuition remission. Research assistants receive a stipend for research services and their tuition is commonly paid directly by research projects. Joint appointments as teaching assistant, research assistant and graduate project assistant are permissible, subject to appropriate approvals.

In the history department, a small number of fellowships which provide a stipend and cover tuition costs are available to highly qualified incoming students. In addition, the department has full and half-year teaching assistantships, which provide a stipend in exchange for limited teaching responsibilities and cover tuition. We are also able to offer a limited number of partial tuition scholarships. All awards are based on merit and are highly competitive. More advanced doctoral candidates may be eligible for dissertation support from:

  • Department Dissertation Fellowship
  • Hoben Teaching Fellowship
  • Lehigh University Humanities Center
  • Lehigh Office of International Affairs
  • Lawrence Henry Gipson Center for 18th Century Studies

To be considered for financial support as an incoming student, all application materials must be submitted by January 15. If you are not seeking financial aid, the deadline for applications for the summer or fall semester is April 15; the deadline for the spring term is November 1. 

For additional information on the graduate program or to schedule a campus visit, please contact the graduate program director, Professor John Savage, at