Uğur Z. Peçe

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Assistant Professor



PhD, Stanford University, 2016


Ottoman Empire, Middle East, Global




I am a historian of the Ottoman Empire and modern Middle East. My teaching and research interests include social, intellectual, and environmental history of the Middle East and the Balkans during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I am currently working on a book manuscript based on my dissertation, Island Bonds: The Civil War in Crete and the Rise of Mass Protest in the Ottoman Empire, 1895-1912. Presenting a combination of local, imperial, and trans-imperial history, my book examines how a violent conflict on the multi-confessional and geostrategic island of Crete provoked a European military intervention in the eastern Mediterranean at the turn of the twentieth century. It explores the displacement of the island’s Greek-speaking Muslims and traces their forced journeys to the Balkans, Anatolia, north Africa, and Syria, where they emerged as central actors in a long-lasting movement of popular protest and economic boycott. In addition to this, I have an interest in graphic novels as a genre and am collaborating with my brother Yusuf on a graphic novel set in the final decades of the Ottoman Empire.

Born and raised in Turkey, I received my PhD in History from Stanford University (2016). I hold MA degrees in Southeast European Studies from University of Athens and in History from Sabancı University, as well as a BA in Economics from Boğaziçi University. Before coming to Lehigh in the fall of 2018, I taught as a Visiting Assistant Professor in History & Middle Eastern Studies at Bard College and Lecturer in History & Literature at Harvard. I teach the broad sweep of the history of the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East as well as thematic courses on migration, empires, global history and historiography. My research has been supported by Stanford Humanities Center, Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies, Anglo-California Foundation, A. G. Leventis Foundation and Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I'm a recipient of Excellence in Teaching Award at Harvard University (2017).