Undergraduate Minor


Each student's minor program is prepared in consultation with the advisor of minors in the history department. Advanced placement credit may not be used for the minor program.

  • 15 credits
  • at least 4 credits at 200 or 300 level
  • maximum of one course (4 credits) of transfer or cross-listed courses may count toward minor.


The Minor in Documentary Storymaking provides students with an opportunity to enhance their major academic work in a variety of fields with specialization in documentary perspectives and community-based practices.  Whatever their academic interests, a foundation in the theory, ethics, and practice of documentary storymaking can serve as an integrating focal point for their studies. 
The Minor requires a minimum of five courses.  Of those five, three are required:
  • DOC 101  Introduction to Documentary Storymaking  
  • DOC 201  Legal & Ethical Issues in Documentary Practice  
  • DOC 370  Capstone in Documentary Storymaking
Electives will be chosen with consultation of adviser; electives include:
  • HIST 337 History and Community Memory (Lehigh)
  • JOUR 024 Visual Communication (Lehigh)
  • JOUR 141 Photojournalism (Lehigh)
  • JOUR 230 Multimedia Storytelling (Lehigh)
  • COM 231. Documentary Research (Muhlenberg)                                           
  • COM 344. Documentary Film & Social Justice 
  • COM 389. Documentary Photography  (Muhlenberg)
  • COM 431. Documentary Field Work 
  • FAMS 201: Making Media I (Lafayette)
  • FAMS 202: Making Media II (Lafayette)
  • FAMS 340: Documentary Film (Lafayette)