Undergraduate Students


This summer I’ll be serving as a Finnegan Fellow in the Pennsylvania State government. In this role, I’ll be assigned to work with a Pennsylvania state agency in Harrisburg, PA. I’ll also be attending weekly lunches with key Pennsylvania cabinet members and officials such as the Pennsylvania Attorney General. If you look at the James A. Finnegan Foundation website, there is a lot of general information provided about the internship program.

 In terms of research, I’m mostly interested in American race relations, education, media culture, urban development, and social movements. I’m not exactly sure what my thesis will be focused on. I have been conducting some preliminary research on a case study focused on racial housing segregation and how it has impacted education and school district funding for whites and minority students.



My thesis is about political and constitutional developments in England in the 1690s after the Glorious Revolution.  I focus on the journey of some of Parliament's progressive legislation and the events that catalyzed them while analyzing relevant court cases.

I was interested in the topic because after the Glorious Revolution England's constitutional dynamic was greatly debated and disagreed upon during the time and by historians to this day.  The complex political scene that coincided with this made it fascinating to analyze historically.  Furthermore, the court cases that I analyzed piqued my interest in law.

After graduation I am attending law school.  I am currently deciding between UCLA, Vanderbilt, and Boston University.


Some of my research that I am doing right now is restoring history and memory in southside Bethlehem. I do not have one class that is my favorite but if I had to choose I would say Professor Zepeda's Narcos class.  My plans after graduating are to be in the special forces for the Pennsylvania State Police and help out local high school sports programs.