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Transnational History

  • East Asia

  • Middle East

  • Europe

  • Africa

  • Latin America

  • North America

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Why History at Lehigh?

Professor Emily Pope-Obeda Special Collections Fall 2023

Lehigh history majors are uniquely equipped for understanding our ever-changing world and the diversity of the human experience. By studying history, you practice the arts of explanation and empathy, and cultivate a broad set of research, communication, and critical thinking skills. Our undergraduate alumni work in a variety of careers, from law, education, journalism, public affairs and public policy to business and medicine. 


The Lehigh history graduate program provides you with a strong foundation in historical knowledge and prepares you for an array of careers in research, teaching, and non-academic tracks. The M.A. and Ph.D. programs offer close faculty engagement, a collaborative student community, and extensive opportunities to conduct research, teach, and publish. Graduates often go on to pursue teaching positions, work in government agencies, or the private sector. 

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Student Voices


Portrait of Everett Hardy

"The thing Lehigh has that is most important are faculty that are dedicated to uplifting students. I have never been a part of a university and department that supports its people this way. It is a unique experience.”

Everett Hardy

Ph.D. in History
Clayton University Center
Portrait Maura Campbell in a library

Student Spotlight

Undergraduate history student Maura Campbell ‘24 was accepted into the McNeil Center for Early American Studies for her research on indigenous captivity in the Pennsylvania colony

Maura Campbell

History Undergraduate Student

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Nitzan Lebovic professor of history at Lehigh University

A German Jewish Time

Nitzan Lebovic, Professor of History, studies a collection of 20th German Jewish intellectuals who wrestled continually with concepts of time and temporality. His work reveals that they often viewed time—not space—as the key to their individual and collective experience.

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From your professors and Lehigh advisers to your friends and teammates, Lehigh is a vibrant community where you can feel supported and encouraged. No matter where you come from, Lehigh is home.